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RCG Catering

From formal soirees to neighborhood get-downs, Rip City Grill caters for any occasion.

Prices & Sample Menus

The Truck

Check our calendar to see when we will be in your neck of the woods or contact us for information about private events.

Location & Menu
Rip City Grill food cart

The Story of Rip City Grill

In 2008, Rip City Grill was founded by a man with prematurely gray hair and a dream: to provide Portlanders with tasty tri-tip sandwiches and to play golf. Since then he's done plenty of both. Rip City Grill began and continues to operate as one of the best food carts in a food cart town. In 2010 Clint’s good buddy decided to get married and asked him to cater the big day. He bought himself a giant Santa Maria wood fire grill for the occasion. That grill is now 1 of 3 that can travel all over the Northwest for any event. Heartily endorsed by everyone from construction workers and OHSU staff to former Trailblazers and Willamette Week, though the endorsement that means most is yours. Give Rip City a shot. You'll score.