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The Restaurant

Rip City Grill offers tip-top grub for a laid back price right here on SE Division & 60th. Open 11-9 daily with bonus hours for Blazer games. SWISH.

Location & Menu

The Cart

Convenient and delicious at a nice little price. Call one in or swing by SW Moody & Abernethy and order face to face. Open weekdays 10:30-2:00.

Location & Menu

RCG Catering

From formal soirees to neighborhood get-downs, Rip City Grill caters for any occasion.

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Rip City Grill wall art

The Story of Rip City Grill

In 2008, Rip City Grill was founded by a man with prematurely gray hair and a dream: to provide Portlanders with tasty tri-tip sandwiches and to play golf. Since then he's done plenty of both. Rip City Grill began and continues to operate as one of the best food carts in a food cart town. After partnering up with his old bandmate/roommate/golf mate, they expanded in 2010 to include a highly sought-after catering operation and, in 2016, a sporty, family friendly sandwich shop on SE Division. Heartily endorsed by everyone from construction workers and OHSU staff to former Trailblazers and Willamette Week, though the endorsement that means most is yours. Give Rip City a shot. You'll score.